Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary Reagan!
Thanks for being my best friend and life partner- you are a precious gift!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Finding Comfort

I guess each child finds his or her own thing that brings comfort- pacifier, thumb sucking, stuffed animal, or blanket.

Caleb found comfort in having any stuffed animal with him when he went to bed because he would rub it's tag until he fell asleep.

Carson, however, has always wanted one particular "baby" and his blanket; which happened to be a blanket that Caleb had as a baby. He has always wanted his special baby which is a horse stuffed animal and this baseball blanket. Each night he curls up with them both and rubs the blanket against his cheek. In the past, I tried to offer him a different blanket if we ever forgot it, but he would know the difference as soon as he touched it! The texture of the blanket was part of the comfort that it gave him. Sadly, now the blanket looks a lot more like swiss cheese than a blanket, but it still is his prize possession.

The funny thing is, it is his comfort item, but it has become mine too. Now when I touch or hold this fragile blanket, I am immediately taken back to the little toddler that fell in love with it. It makes me feel closer to him as I recall so many priceless memories.....
I guess we do all have our comfort items.

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