Saturday, February 6, 2016

Frosted Windows and Fogs of Doubt

Recently, we were rushing out the door to get to church.  As many of you can imagine this process did not go as Reagan and I might have hoped. Maybe not in your house, but in our house, everyone seems to forget how to dress themselves when we are trying to go somewhere.  "Did you brush your hair/teeth?"  "Change your shirt." "Get a coat!" "Do you have any pants that are clean?" 

Anyway, this particular morning was no different and we were running late.  As we rushed out the door, we climbed into the car and realized that the entire windshield was covered in a sheet of frost.  We couldn't see a thing.  My mind raced with possible solutions-  should we go in the other vehicle?  Where was the ice scraper?  Reagan quickly found something that would work and jumped out of the car and began clearing the windshield.  Due to our running late, he only cleaned off the driver's side of the vehicle and we started down the road to church.  Suddenly, I realized just how uncomfortable I was with not being able to see where we were going.  I knew we were moving- I could feel it, and slightly see the landscape passing by outside my side window.  Yet, I could see nothing, but a sheet of frost when I looked ahead.   It felt very unsettling!  I could have distracted myself with my phone or by talking with the boys in the backseat, but the unsettled feeling would have still been there.  Only when I looked at Reagan, who was driving, did I feel at peace.  I realized that he could totally see everything and that he was a trustworthy driver.  I trusted him, and I felt a peace.

Honestly, I felt that way spiritually too.  Recently, God made a move for our family that led us right out of our comfort zone.  I knew He had moved us, but I couldn't see what was ahead.  Nothing, but a cloud of uncertainty fogged my perspective.  I could let myself get distracted by life or by the relationships in my life, but my anxiety would have still been there.  Only when I looked to the "driver" of my life- the Father- would I feel peace.  When I looked to Him, I realized that He is trustworthy.  He has never failed me, and I can have peace even when the road ahead is frosted with doubt or questions. 

Eventually, the frost dissipated and I was able to see the road ahead clearly.  The same will be true during this season of change.  Eventually our spiritual eyes will see and understand clearly all that was hidden when the first step was taken. 

Friend, if you are in the midst of an uncertain season, you can trust the driver.  He will safely lead you until the path ahead is clear.  Rest in Him and His character when the fog of doubt is heavy.