Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Personal Love

Angry words and a thrown Hot Wheel car were the exclamation point behind the anger in my toddler's world this morning.  His wishes were not granted and His will was not enough to change my mind.  His anger- hot and fast- took over his actions.  My discipline was equally as swift and he stood rigid in the time out corner.  Soon following, when both his anger and resolve had cooled, he came to seek forgiveness.  Arms wide open in search of physical confirmation that our relationship was restored he came along with the words, "I am sorry Momma.  Please forgive me.  I was wrong."  This hard core mother's heart melted.  His touch caused a flood of emotions to spring forth.  He is my child... my precious son.... forgiveness comes so easily out of my deep love and his tender brokenness.

As I pondered that, I thought of the cross.  the moment that the veil tore from top to bottom so that we- you and I- could have unlimited access to the Father.  No longer would a priest have to stand in the gap between us and our Holy God.  Christ, being a living sacrifice, became the path all of us can choose to take to our Father... any time, any place, and any situation.  Suddenly we can talk directly to Him and fully embrace His forgiveness.  There is something precious about the one on one physical embrace, especially in matters of forgiveness....

 As I reflected on my exchange with my son this morning, I can only imagine that our Father feels similarly when we come to Him in tender brokenness.  He must flood with love and compassion for us as He fully surrounds us in His personal embrace reminding us that His love is real, true and deep enough to cover all shortcomings.  His love is personal and came at great sacrifice because He wanted to be the one we found when in times of need.  Not a priest in human flesh... but our Father with arms outstretched waiting on you.  The great I AM, Alpha and Omega, and Creator of All.... giving you unlimited access because His rich love is a deeply personal one.

What is holding you back?  Blessings!