Saturday, September 18, 2010

Six Months?!?!

On Tuesday, Kendall turned six months..... Six Months!?!?..... How did THAT happen? I am a mother to three kids, and I know how fast time flies, but I was thrown by how quickly this past six months has passed. How could this precious little guy only be six months months old when it feels like he has been in my heart forever? How can he already six months old when it feels like he just arrived yesterday? How could one little man totally change our family forever? He truly is a joy and treasure, and I am so thankful for him!

A Trip to be Scene.....

The past few weeks have been quite a blur as life has become so busy for us with school starting. Plus, this year we are home schooling two instead of one and we are adjusting to a new schedule. One of the highlights of our new school year has been the JCCE (Johnson County Christian Educators) which is a home school co-op. The boys have loved the classes they are taking- Caleb is taking Astronomy and Carson is taking Art, and mama loves relating to other moms. Through the year, we will have the opportunity to take up to 12 field trips! This past Monday was the first of the field trips and we went to the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco. The boys were able to take part in a special Crime Scene Investigation class as well as tour the Museum. It was a fun day! Enjoy the pictures!