Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Cry in the Night

Last night, in the middle of the night, I heard the all too familiar cries of one of my sons. I made the groggy walk across the house to his room and gently placed him on my shoulder. Swaying together to a silent song, he laid his head against my neck and drifted to slumber again. After a few moments, I laid him in his crib and stroked his small hand in mine until the tears subsided. I sat on the floor next to his crib as he just seemed to need me "there" and "near" to be his protector.

So, I sat.... and prayed. I prayed for each of my boys- praising Him for their strengths and pleading out for their weaknesses. When the breathing from the crib seemed deeper and more content and my eyelids grew so heavy, I crawled out of the room.

In this process I had the thought..... "My Father God, is this what you do for me?.... Do you sit beside me in the midst of times that I just need you 'there' and 'near'? Do you cradle me in your arms when the need is so great that I must cry desperately to you?"

I know it is what God does for all of His children. He soothes and comforts during those times that we seek after Him and a peace- HIS peace- fills us and we know, as His children, that the Father is near and there for us. We are never alone in trials and challenges and when we need Him closer, He holds us .... isn't it during those most desperate times that we can most clearly hear the heartbeat of who He truly is to us.....

And unlike this Momma, he never grows weary.... He is ALWAYS there and near....