Saturday, September 18, 2010

Six Months?!?!

On Tuesday, Kendall turned six months..... Six Months!?!?..... How did THAT happen? I am a mother to three kids, and I know how fast time flies, but I was thrown by how quickly this past six months has passed. How could this precious little guy only be six months months old when it feels like he has been in my heart forever? How can he already six months old when it feels like he just arrived yesterday? How could one little man totally change our family forever? He truly is a joy and treasure, and I am so thankful for him!

A Trip to be Scene.....

The past few weeks have been quite a blur as life has become so busy for us with school starting. Plus, this year we are home schooling two instead of one and we are adjusting to a new schedule. One of the highlights of our new school year has been the JCCE (Johnson County Christian Educators) which is a home school co-op. The boys have loved the classes they are taking- Caleb is taking Astronomy and Carson is taking Art, and mama loves relating to other moms. Through the year, we will have the opportunity to take up to 12 field trips! This past Monday was the first of the field trips and we went to the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco. The boys were able to take part in a special Crime Scene Investigation class as well as tour the Museum. It was a fun day! Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A meal out....

Last Thursday, we made plans to meet Reagan for dinner since we had several commitments that evening and Mom really didn't want to come home and prepare dinner at 8 o'clock in the evening. After many suggestions, we decided to eat at Chick-Fil-A (which is one of our favorite restaurants). Our meal was good and conversation was full of fun, honest banter. Later, as we were leaving, I drove past a nice, sit down restaurant full of couples and families enjoying their meals and a small part of me wished for a time when we would eat at places that didn't have a playground for the kids. You know those kind of places where you sit down at a table to place your order rather than stand in a line at a counter???

Don't get me wrong, we do eat at those kind of places, but it isn't very often. Why is that? Well, part of the reason is that we now have two growing boys that eat A LOT and it is cheaper to feed them at fast food establishments. Another part of the reason is that fast food restaurants are more accommodating, at times, to families and their needs-an indoor playground is such a treat especially in this hot Texas heat. I also figure that if you are eating at Wendy's, McDonalds, CFA, and etc... you are not planning to have a nice, quiet, romantic dinner- in fact, if you eat at these places you expect a certain amount of chaos and noise.

This is what I realized.... this is my life right now. (Isn't that a deep, complicated thought for your day?!?!) This time of my life full of hungry boys which is often a little chaotic and loud is fleeting. It will not last. There will be a time when the house stays clean, laundry doesn't pile up in mounds, and I will cook for two instead of an army. I will enjoy that time, but it will have shades of sadness because it will mean that my boys have grown and are living individual lives. I am choosing to appreciate the noise of my boys playing in the next room and cooking for an army as well as laundry that seems to never end. I am choosing to cherish this time of my life knowing that it will change all too quickly. Quiet, sit down dinners (with just Reagan) will come and our montage of fast food establishments may fade........ truthfully, I may need another CFA sandwich just to watch a young mother with her precious crew.... and let the memories flood me of my own chaotic season of life- the part of my life that I am living now.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Stinky Situation

I know it has been awhile since I have written, but the past few weeks have flown by in the midst of many hectic, summer activities. In the past few weeks we were blessed to go on a vacation to New Mexico which was a great memory making event. Yet, it was not a totally restful event as Kendall was a little off his schedule and found it necessary to eat in the middle of the night again. Plus, have you ever been camping where the bathroom was a distance away? Without fail, in those situations I always need to go to the restroom in the middle of the night- I might never need to go at 2 am when I am home, but make it across the campground and 40 degrees outside and then I have to go! In addition, we had seven of us sleeping in our pop-up camper on two of the nights and five of us on the other nights. So, I often had to climb over children just to get out the door to make the cold hike to the bathroom..... and do it quietly without waking everyone else up.

This wouldn't have been that bad except the bathroom (and notice that I said bathroom, not bathrooms- there was only one for the WHOLE campground) was not that grand. It was a converted shipping box with warped wooden floors. It also rarely had toliet paper, and so you were wise to grab a roll to tuck under your arm when you made this journey. In addition, this facility was only cleaned by throwing a bucket of water in it to splash around the dirt, germs and grime. Isn't this where you would want to spend your time for daily grooming? Thankfully, our family let us use their personal restrooms in their campers.... at least, my boys won't need counseling after this experience! So, what did we learn from this experience? We learned that it may be time to upgrade from our awesome pop-up camper to one with a bathroom.... a clean bathroom, with a shower, potty and sink.... that would be ours... all ours.... and one that would not be so far away!

Honestly, our vacation was great! We made many fun memories.... the only thing that stunk was the bathroom situation.... literally!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary Reagan!
Thanks for being my best friend and life partner- you are a precious gift!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Finding Comfort

I guess each child finds his or her own thing that brings comfort- pacifier, thumb sucking, stuffed animal, or blanket.

Caleb found comfort in having any stuffed animal with him when he went to bed because he would rub it's tag until he fell asleep.

Carson, however, has always wanted one particular "baby" and his blanket; which happened to be a blanket that Caleb had as a baby. He has always wanted his special baby which is a horse stuffed animal and this baseball blanket. Each night he curls up with them both and rubs the blanket against his cheek. In the past, I tried to offer him a different blanket if we ever forgot it, but he would know the difference as soon as he touched it! The texture of the blanket was part of the comfort that it gave him. Sadly, now the blanket looks a lot more like swiss cheese than a blanket, but it still is his prize possession.

The funny thing is, it is his comfort item, but it has become mine too. Now when I touch or hold this fragile blanket, I am immediately taken back to the little toddler that fell in love with it. It makes me feel closer to him as I recall so many priceless memories.....
I guess we do all have our comfort items.

Baking Cookies


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Music to My Ears

Caleb and Carson have spent the past ten days visiting grandparents and attending VBS at each of their churches. We drove to Kerrville last Friday to attend a family wedding as well as pick up the boys and take them to Dublin to start the second VBS. As we made the drive to Dublin, Carson wanted to listen to the VBS music cd and he sang every song- word for word! He loves music and it is one of his passions- in fact, not a day goes by that he doesn't sing or "play" his own music. He cracks us up with some of his original songs! They are often about doing his chores, playing with his brothers, and just his life in general, but they all come from a natural, genuine talent. Hearing him sing and share his heart is music to my ears....

However, I have realized that music takes many forms. When Caleb shares his creative, original stories or tells one of his corny jokes; it, too, is music to my ears. When Kendall coos, "talks" or laughs I hear a symphony in my heart. I cherish each of their "songs" equally....I guess music can come in many different forms.....


Recently, one of my Facebook friends posted as her status, "Why can't I get all this stuff done? Oh, that's right, I procrastinate!" That made me laugh out loud!! Sometimes I can identify with that statement. I think I tend to wait and then I work like a mad woman getting everything done. Actually, I have improved as I have had more children because I need to plan ahead out of necessity now. For example, when we have company coming to stay with us, I used to wait until the day they would arrive; and then I would work like crazy cleaning all day to make sure that the house was spotless and ready for company. Now, when company is coming, I start cleaning and preparing all the week before because cleaning the entire house in one day is not an option with three kids to care for.

Over the past ten days, both of our oldest boys have been visiting grandparents in order to attend their churches' VBS programs. So, you would think that I would have accomplished a great deal while they were gone- reorganizing closets, cleaning out clothes, scrubbing floors, cleaning the inch of dust off my ceiling fans, or finally getting to those baseboards....... yeah, right! All I have done is spend time with Kendall- just savoring every smile, laugh and coo as well as resting; that's right resting! I think parenting can be one of the most exhausting things anyone can do and I have really been able to recharge my "parenting batteries". So, I may be procrastinating by not doing all these other jobs, but I have created wonderful memories with Kendall that cannot be replaced. Maybe it isn't procrastination after all; maybe it is just proper priorities!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Kind of "Hunting"

You can call me a bargain hunter, deal finder or frugal,
but the truth is...... I am cheap! That's right, cheap.
I love the search for a good deal and I feel so victorious when I find exactly what I wanted, but at a great price. Part of my habit stems from necessity. As a stay at home mother, we often need to watch our budget and be wise with our purchases. So, I often research whatever I am looking to purchase extensively online trying to find the best deal possible. Now, however, it has become an addiction- I mean why would anyone WANT to pay more than necessary????
Honestly, I think it is like Reagan's love of hunting. I "hunt" the good deals and when I find them, I want to share it with the world- I haven't displayed my receipts on the living room wall next to Reagan's deer mount, but my hunting is just as valuable!
Recently, I needed to make a quick run to our local Walmart to pick up a few items. When I walked out of the store I had spent $18.94, BUT I had purchased: a pair of jeans for Carson, a pair of jeans for Caleb, a shirt, 24 pack of Dr. Peppers, aspirin, and hair coloring (Did you notice my new darker shade, hmm?). All for only $18.94!!!!
Victory was mine!!!
Okay, so I am addicted! At least my "hunting" is saving us money.....
yep, I am cheap, but there are worse things!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

"Bed Time"

Well, before I knew it last week flew by and I never had a chance to update our family blog! We had a great week, however, and were blessed to be able to attend two graduation parties for two special people in our world. I know each of them will be a great success in whatever they choose to do. As parents, we look at each of these two families and hope to be as successful in parenting as they have been. They each have been faithful in seeking after the Father for daily guidance in how to train and raise up their children and it encourages me to make sure that I am doing the same for our family.

This morning was a special, rare morning when our whole household sleeps in- including Kendall! One positive to Reagan's work schedule is that we are able to have mornings together. This morning was special because all three boys came and joined us on our bed to talk and laugh together. This is a tradition that started with Caleb when, on certain mornings, he would come and join us on our bed to talk and share with each other. The conversation doesn't have to be anything serious or major, but it can go in that direction as well.
So, this morning Reagan brought Kendall to bed first because he didn't seem to want to eat and, yet, he wanted someone to "talk" and play with him. Then, Caleb arrived followed soon after by Carson. This morning we sang several classic 80's songs that the boys had learned from a cd that we acquired in a kids' meal from Wendys. Too bad our neighbors were at work as they missed quite a concert! We often just goof off and play around with each other, but it is always just about being together. Sometimes we will just laugh and visit for over an hour.... I cherish every moment of that time. It means so much to me that they want to spend that time with us - no television, no video games- just our family, together.
I love my boys and I love the moments that we share during our "bed- time"..... we just may need to get a King size bed before long!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Incredible Journey

Yesterday was a very big day around here as Caleb Wilson Boles turned ten years old yesterday. We hit double digits!?!? How did time go by so fast??? All day yesterday I waited for that moment to hit me- you know the moment -when the reality of my "baby" growing up suddenly hits me and I become a basket of tears. It didn't come. Then, today as I was looking for some pictures for this blog, it hit me.

So, humor this mom and take a quick journey back through the events of ten years ago with me...

I was a nervous wreck the morning of May 31, 2000 just knowing that in a few hours my total world was going to change. My pregnancy had been relatively uneventful and I couldn't wait to meet the little man growing inside my big belly... and I mean BIG BELLY! I was huge!

Sadly, my labor would turn out to be a little more exciting. I was induced due to swelling and being past my due date and as soon as my doctor broke my water I was calling for an epidural! Unfortunately, the anesthesiologist that worked in Labor and Delivery, at the small hospital where we delivered, was on vacation and his "sub" was not interested in helping a pregnant woman in labor. So, he never came and I did not get the benefit of a pain free delivery. Thankfully, God granted me mercy and I went from a 6 to a 10 within thirty minutes!
As I began pushing, a fire alarm went off throughout the hospital, and both the nurses who were assisting the doctor looked at each other in confusion and one ran out of the room to check on the alarm. At this point, I informed the remaining nurse that I would not stop pushing- even if I had to leave the building because of the alarm.... he could come in the parking lot, right? Finally, the other nurse returned having heard that the alarm was a drill- PTL!!! Then, as I continued pushing, the doctor realized that Caleb was coming out with his arm up beside his head- So I was trying to push out a head, hand and shoulder all at once. This is not good as it can be very concerning for the baby, but I was able to deliver him and he was just fine. Reagan (who had been an incredible support throughout the delivery) and I cried as we heard Caleb's first cries and knew that he was finally here.

Later, that night as I cuddled him close, I told him to be patient with me as I was a "new mommy", but that I would be the best mother to him that I could be. The past ten years haven't been perfect, but I feel incredibly blessed to have such a good kid as my son- especially one who has such a passion for the Lord. Truthfully, I learned how to be a parent with Caleb and each year he gives me more opportunities for growing and improving as we face different challenges from year to year. I hope to share some of these lessons tomorrow.....

Thanks, Caleb, for starting me on a most incredible journey- I love you!

(Side note: Can you believe how similar Caleb and Kendall look as babies???)

Friday, May 28, 2010

So Thankful...

Fourteen years ago I went on a "first" date with someone who would become my best friend and husband- Reagan Boles. Reagan has been such a support and encouragement to me as well as challenging me to grow and improve myself.
Lately, I have been reminded that my staying home with our three boys is truly a gift... a gift that comes with great sacrifice from Reagan. He works many hours to make sure that the families' needs are met and provided. While it is his calling to be our family leader and provider, he does so cheerfully and without any reservations.
I have also come to recognize that my calling, at this time and place, is to be at home with the boys. Some days are challenging and frustrating... like when all I seem to do is "ref" arguments or clean baby spit up. Thankfully, there are also wonderful days when I feel so fulfilled being able to teach and train my children throughout the day- sharing in "little" moments that I would have otherwise missed. I have come to see that some moments are crazy and hard, but all these moments are priceless.
The thing is, I was called to this position just as Reagan is called to be our provider. We make a great team as we work together to support and encourage each other in fulfilling our individual callings. I am blessed... thanks Reagan.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little something in common.....

My three boys are as different as can be.....

Caleb is our people loving, science and history buff. He loves karate and making up stories. He is very passionate and seems to have deep insight into our Lord.

Carson is our car loving, athletic child. I think he will be good at any sport he tries and he loves to laugh. He will always tell you what is on his mind! His goal is to own a Corvette at some point in his life.

Kendall is our happy, content little man. He only fusses when he is hungry and he loves for someone to talk to him.

But, the all three have something in common....... these baseball shoes.

Ten years ago, a friend gave them to us as a gift for our soon coming baby. Caleb was the first to wear them, and Carson followed 5 1/2 years later. Even when I thought we were finished having children, I couldn't give these shoes away. Thankfully, I kept them because Kendall has also been able to wear them.

It is hard to believe that they all started that small and tiny.... especially when I have a pre-teen in the house now. Memories flood my thoughts each time I look at these shoes. Three little boys with three different personalities and one blessed mother.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carson's Hair

I always thought that if God blessed me with a little girl, that one of the things I would enjoy most would be fixing her hair. However, God has blessed me with three boys and when Caleb was younger I often tried to style his hair. Caleb was not one who cared for this, and in fact, he would always comb his hair forward after I would "fix" it for him.

So, it was fun, recently, when Carson decided that he wanted his hair "spiky".... Now, he doesn't leave the house unless his hair is styled to his liking. In fact, on Sunday morning I had to go in search of my hairspray in order to finish getting ready for church! He also refused to put his head back against the seat in the car for fear of it messing up his hair!!!

Daily we are having conversations about hair gel, hairspray, and comb versus hair pick to get his hair looking just right. I love every minute of it!!!

Who knows what Kendall's preference will be- bald is his hairstyle for now. It is just fun to see how God works to fulfill even the smallest of needs and wishes that we may have. Don't get me wrong- I know that it isn't curls, pigtails, and hair bows but it is God's perfect fit for my life at this time and place. So, I will keep "spiking" Carson's hair and thank God for each and every little blessing.

But, I think I will buy him his own bottle of hairspray! :o)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Teaching Them Early

Well, I hadn't planned on teaching this lesson to Carson this early, but he asked to give it a try....

Training them early!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How many baths does it take to clean a baby?

So, HOW many baths DOES it take to clean a baby boy?
Yesterday, I was changing Kendall's diaper as we were getting ready to leave to go to church when IT happened.
Sprinkle, sprinkle, Sprinkle, sprinkle
All over me and him!!!
Off to the bath we go and just as I start scrubbing him with soap.....
Sprinkle, sprinkle, Sprinkle, sprinkle
Drain the water.
Refill the water and begins scrubbing him again when he spits up everywhere!
So, HOW many baths DOES it take to clean a baby boy????
By the way, we did make it to church on time!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

A day last week, Caleb and Carson went outside and decorated our back patio with some new sidewalk chalk that they had been given when Kendall was born. Several designs were so creative that they could not be defined or described. However, Carson did create a self-portrait which I decided to take a photo of. Reagan was not as thrilled with their colorful creations as I was; although, I can't imagine why?!? I think he was wondering who would be cleaning up this incredible artwork.... I reassured him that rain would come soon and do the job for him!

Well, last night it happened... the rains came and washed away all their beautiful art pieces- job done!
However, it hit me this morning how symbolic that is to the fleeting time I have with my boys. Right now we are building memories with each of them, but time is so quick to rob those memories from us. So easily the "rains come" and wash them from our minds. That is partly why I am writing this blog as a way of setting these memories in "stone" and creating a family heritage to look back on long after the chalk dust settles.

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Blue Me Away'

Recently, I went to Target with all three boys to get some formula for Kendall. As we were heading towards the checkout, the boys and I stopped at a nail polish display. All the polishes in this display were very bright colors.

Now, those of you who know me well know that I love nail polish. However, I don't tend to pick wild colors- I am more of a pink and red kind of gal. As we looked over all the bright colors, the boys determined that mom needed at least one of these wild shades for my toes. So after much discussion, we determined that the "Blue Me Away" turquoise blue shade would be our purchase.

So, why is this worth a blog entry? As a mother to all boys, sometimes I begin to feel a little left out. They all love me and we have a lot of fun together, but overwhelmingly the interests in the house tend to be more about hunting, cars, and any sport imaginable. I normally just join in, but it is so refreshing when, on rare moments, they take interest in something I enjoy.

I know that it is only finger polish, but it meant so much more to me at the time. It was a time of connecting with my sons ... in a more personal way as they were willing to venture in the cosmetic section to pick the right shade for mom. They were so excited about it too! I couldn't paint my toes until they had gone to bed, but the very next morning it was the first thing they noticed.

So, I have been sportin' the blue..... and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kendall's Baby Dedication

Last Sunday was Kendall's baby dedication at church and it was such a special time. However, it wasn't special simply because of his dedication but who he was dedicated with. Last July, when I discovered that I was pregnant, I was overwhelmed. We thought that our family was complete and that we were past all the baby stuff and I was in shock that we were starting over.

As I began to process all of the "newness" I turned to several friends. As it turned out, when I began to share our news, two friends shared that they, too, were expecting. We all told each other on the same morning! In addition, another friend, who was already farther along, shared in our joy. It was such a blessing to go through my final pregnancy with these three ladies. Their encouragement, support, prayers, and generous gifts helped us prepare for the birth of our precious Kendall.

So, on Sunday, all four of us dedicated our babies together: two beautiful girls and two handsome boys. I know that time and distance will eventually separate us all, but I will cherish the memories of this time we shared together. Thanks Ladies!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Simply Boles?

Well, I am finally doing this- finally starting our family blog.... so why now? Well, why not now? I guess I have finally realized that life isn't slowing down and blogging about our family is a great way of documenting all the adventures of our family and sharing them with you.

Granted, our life is simple.... sometimes it is simply crazy as we parent three boys who will often provide plenty of material to make one laugh or cry.

Sometimes our life is simply fun as we love to laugh and play.

Sometimes our life is simply frustrating as we go through trials together.

Our life is always honest as we openly share our struggles, triumphs, joys and fears.....

Our life is not our own as we strive to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our life is truly simple..... simply beautiful.....simply Boles.