Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Siren in the Night

You know that place of deep, peaceful slumber when you are fully and completely asleep.  If you are a parent, you know the absolute value of this treasure.  Some of you may not have experienced this in days, weeks, months, years.... a restful night is truly a gift of great value!  Last night, I was experiencing this wonderful thing when a brief, sharp, very loud, piercing sound startled Reagan and I both to alertness.  We quickly determined that it was a sounding from one of the smoke detectors in our home.  After much debate- remember we were very comfortable in bed- we decided that it was best to check out the situation.  (Yeah, I know we are sounding like great parents at this moment.... the headline here could be "Couple Waits Until Smoke Takes Over House to Get Kids Out"...)  We walked around the house and saw nothing that indicated a concern.  I bravely suggested that Reagan go check out the attic!  Nothing.  So, back to bed we went in hopes of additional slumber.  We had just settled into our pillows when the short and sharp sound went off again.  We finally determined that it was something with our electrical service since nothing else was showing up and our alarms are hard-wired into the electrical part of the house.

Sleep didn't come too quickly afterward.... I was on alert. 

Sometimes I wish my spiritual life had an alarm like that.  One that would sound as soon as I strayed too far from my security, my life source- Jesus Christ.  Perhaps one like the stores have here in the United States if the salesperson forgot to take off your security tag or like the sound that large pieces of construction equipment make when backing up????  That would certainly get my attention and make me think twice, huh?  Ha!  The truth is, our precious Father has given us an alarm like that called the Holy Spirit.  IF you are truly seeking a life after the Father's heart, you will notice a small uneasiness that pierces your heart when something has changed in your relationship.  There will be a nagging sense that something is "off" and the renewal and joy You experience daily in His Presence will dim.  This is an alarm, dear friend, a loud sounding in your soul crying out for you to return to Him and access the source of it. 

Recently, I experienced it for myself.  I had struggled with a growing distance in my personal relationship with the Father.  I even expressed to my husband that I felt like I was sinning against the Lord in some way because I sensed several things: a loss of intimacy with Him, a struggle to spend time with Him- reading His word or praising Him, an inability to do certain things that I normally felt His presence guiding and leading me through... namely, writing.  Several times in the past week, I found myself sitting in front of a blank computer screen with no hope of processing or expressing what was happening.

 In a serious of events, the Father gently revealed to me an area where I had not been obedient to an action and decision for our family.  Following my repentance, I felt as though the dam that had held back so much, broke.  I praised Him afresh with a renewed heart and mind.  I felt relief and the fear that had held me captive in my lack of obedience was replaced with hope and trust in Him.  My worship became real again- not just an act of solemn obedience- but a truly genuine outpouring of a thankful heart.  Words, suddenly started pouring forth from His heart into mine.  Renewed.  Restored.  Refreshed. 

I am thankful for the silent siren call through the Holy Spirit that drew me back to intimacy with the Father.  I am thankful that He is ever faithful to give wisdom and insight when we ask- mainly, I imagine, because He longs for that intimacy to be restored as well!  Where are you in your spiritual journey, dear friend?  Have you experienced what I described before?  Are you in a current season of "silent sirens" calling out to you?

If so, here are some things that helped me:
Find a place of quiet reflection, and pray genuinely to Him- asking Him to reveal what area of your life is "off" or not honoring to Him.
Listen.... listen to Him speak to you through the Holy Spirit.
When, He reveals something to you, repent and seek to be obedient in whatever ever He asks of you.
Praise Him!

Let me share that it took several sessions of "quiet reflection" for me because my heart was not ready to truly deal with that particular area of struggle.  That may be the same for you.... persistence, endurance, and continued seeking after His Heart through prayer will help you make a break-through.  I will be praying for you- my unnamed friend- and carrying you to the cross.  Feel free to make your needs know to me by e-mail ( ) or comment below. 


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

When the Toddler Tries to Clean the Table.... With His Tongue...

Last night, as an ode to the end of summer, we went to a local drive-in restaurant for their half price vanilla cones.  When the waitress delivered our cones, Reagan quickly surmised that sitting in our vehicle to eat them would not be a good thing.... for our car.  I mean doesn't that just scream insanity to give a four year old the leaning tower of ice cream and expect him to not get it all over the car ...himself... his brothers... everything!  So, we decided to get out and sit on one of the tables outside of the restaurant.  We had barely sat down when Kendall accidentally brushed his ice cream tower against the table itself.  I looked over to see him sticking out his tongue and leaning forward in the attempt to lick the ice cream off the table. I cannot express the shear terror of that moment.  This may, in fact, seem like an exaggeration, but who KNOWS what germs were on that table. 

I screamed, "NO!!!"

Kendall was caught quite off guard by my sudden reaction.  I mean, he was just creatively cleaning up a mess, right?  Oh, but I long to protect my children from so much- germs, are but a start.  Danger, heartache, pain, loneliness, illness..... the list could go on and on.  Yet, I can't seem to fully protect my adventurous bunch.  To be completely honest, I am learning- more and more- that it is best to not protect them from all harms.  Life, real life, is lived out in glorious seasons of both victory and defeat.  In fact, one can never fully grasp the joy of victory unless they have truly felt the despair of defeat.  Both are need, necessary, and important for growth and maturity in life... and beyond.

Our Heavenly Father allows us to experience both, doesn't He? Mountain tops, valleys and the climbs in between.... all are needed and necessary.  God never wastes your efforts.  All events that are woven in the tapestry of your life were planned and passed through the fingers of the Almighty.  The tears shed and the smiles savored were all a part of His glorious plan.  Victory brings us hope and encouragement while trials grow our strength and endurance.  Each are essential.  Yet, too often, we revere the victories as our own and claim our trials are His lacking..... yet, neither is true.   Our precious Father can do all things, but restrains Himself when, in His perfect knowledge, a greater lesson of perseverance is needed.  He loves you too much to allow you to remain a babe of the faith.... just as any parent longs for their child to grow and mature in a healthy manner.  He will constantly bring events into your life to grow you, mature you, strengthen you, and draw you ever more aware of your desperate need for HIM.

How does this change my parenting?  Of course, I am going to scream out in warning if my toddler runs out from my grasp in a parking lot, (or tries to clean the table with his tongue- oiy!) but I may hesitate and allow him to learn and grow when he struggles with a new skill... like tying shoes, writing his name, or making a new friend.  I am there- always- watching and giving guidance when the Spirit leads, but waiting and watching just the same. HE is doing the same for you, dear friend, so, you can find rest, peace, and joy in that. 


Are you going through a current season of victory or trial?  Do you trust Him as He parents you through it?  What area of this season is difficult for you?  What scripture are you clinging to during this time? 

Needing prayer?  Please feel welcome to comment with your need below or send it to

Monday, September 22, 2014


Fingerprints..... I find them on my refrigerator door, car windows, mirrors, light switches and doors.  I am keenly aware that there are three boys living in the house.... very actively living in this house, I might add.  I love my boys.  I love the way they keep me laughing, but finding yogurt covered fingerprints on my freshly cleaned refrigerator door does NOT result in a chuckle from me. Last night, I was almost asleep in bed, when Reagan called me into the bathroom finding some strange looking fingerprints on our bathroom cabinet.  He called it blood.  I decided to call it "dirt" since all three boys are alive and kicking and no one had brought to my attention any massive blood loss in the past few days.  :)  Sometimes,  in parenthood, ignorance may be a blessing in disguise.

I have decided that our Father leaves fingerprints behind too.... because I see Him in the midst of my day. I see Him when the perfect scripture for my current season pops up on social media, or when the perfect song addressing my feelings comes on the radio.  He is in the last minute delays, the forgotten meetings, and malfunctioning alarms that protect us from harm.  He is in the quiet calm of a beautiful sunrise and the rewarding rest of sunset.  I see His hand in the vibrant fall colors as well as the fresh green renewal of spring.  He is even in long summer nights and pure white of glistening snow in winter.  He is anywhere and everywhere and His heart is always reaching out to touch you... to draw you close and remind His children that they are loved, redeemed, chosen, and never forgotten.  Fingerprints of the master creator imprinted into the lives of His most precious creation- His children.  The creator still shapes and molds the lives of His creation.

To be honest, I see His fingerprints best when my life seems the messiest.  When my life seems to being going perfectly without the blemish of struggles or muddy confusion in the midst of trial, I see His prints less.... maybe I am not looking or maybe my eyes don't see them as clearly....but, they are there just the same.  However, when I am mired in the midst of a messy situation, I look ever so desperately for His hand... and He is always there. 

Maybe today, as I clean yogurt covered fingerprints off the refrigerator, they will serve a reminder for me to search for His fingerprints in my life. How about you?  How have you "seen" His print left on a situation in your life recently?